After you E-Mail us with a brief description of your needs:

We will contact you and talk more about your needs and our rates.
You decide whether or not we are a fit for you.

 If so, we will ask a number of questions designed to allow us to give you an exact quote. If not, perhaps we can recommend another design company or a marketing alternative.

If you believe that we can work together, we will give you an EXACT quote,. At that point, we will ask for a deposit equivalent to the cost of regisering and hosting the domain(s) and one third of the estimate amount. We will begin immediately to work for you.

The first view of your website will be a rough draft for your approval.
The next view you see will be static pages showing the layout , colors and content, but you will be unable to activate animations, links, etc. At this point the second third of your estimate will be due.

The next step will be an active preview and last minute changes to be made BEFORE the site is launched. Remember, a website is a liquid thing. Changes can be made even after it is launched, so it's alright to supply new or additional information up to 10 days after the site is opened.

Once you are satisfied with your site, your final payment will be due. At that point we will talk about maintenance or transfer.

Even if we continue to maintain the site for you, you will own the copyright to your content and images created specifically for you.
The copyright for stock images or material will remain with
What to Expect
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This is NOT our way of doing business!
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